12,000 LED lights are set up in Love River's "Hua Deng Chu Shang"
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The 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held from February 15 to 28 next year. 7 kilometers along the Love River, 6 bridges will be re-painted and lighted, and 128,000 smart lighting controls will be used to arrange 12,000 LED energy-saving lamps to complete the test. The night is coming. , To create a bright stage to welcome visitors.

Love River announced yesterday the same-level lighting control system for the Thames River in the United Kingdom, and today announced the actual lighting test and the previous comparison photos. Transformed into gorgeous purple light, Qixian Bridge transformed from dim to dazzling brilliance, the light rail bridge matched the changes of high-current architectural lighting, and the Jianguo Bridge was eye-catching with dazzling blue light.

Kaohsiung’s Deputy Mayor Shi Zhe said today that for Kaohsiung’s Mother River to re-dress, instead of replacing it with new light colors, the waterfront city brings people close through the people-oriented approach, introducing urban governance and light environment aesthetics, overturning the traditional main light concept, and driving new urban space aesthetics. Bureau.

The renovation team pointed out that the lighting poet Lai Yunong served as the chief design, integrated the Taipei 101, Shanghai Bund lighting design and strengthened the revision, combined with Signify (formerly Taiwan Philips) and the Gaoliu lighting team to join the company, using the Thames, The same level of international lighting control system in Shanghai Bund and Taipei 101.

Culture Director Wang Wencui said that the newly installed tree lights will light up the trees and return to the original appearance of the forests along the Love River. The lamps will reduce energy consumption by dimming, cherishing and soft light, allowing the citizens to stroll around the river bank comfortably while taking care of safety, and is controlled by smart lights. 128,000 control points, energy-saving control to reduce energy waste.

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