New LED applications emerge endlessly
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Due to the unique advantages of LEDs, new applications outside of lighting are emerging in endlessly. In the field of non-functional lighting, my country's promotion of cultural tourism, new energy vehicles, new information display and other measures will drive the continuous growth of LED in the display, automotive lighting, landscape lighting and other markets.

Ruan Jun pointed out that in the display field, LEDs replace the original fluorescent tubes in liquid crystal displays, which save energy and achieve better display effects. At the same time, it also enriches the display size, meets the needs of indoor and outdoor scenes, and realizes special-shaped screens. , Transparent screen and other diversified product forms. Xu Feng from CCID Think Tank Integrated Circuit Institute told the reporter of "China Electronics News" that Mini/Micro LED display technology has excellent features such as high brightness, high integration, low power consumption, and flexible display. It has become a new generation recognized by the industry after OLED and LCD. Display technology. At present, Mini/Micro LED display products are in the stage of explosive demand, and the small-pitch LED display technology has been recognized by mainstream complete machine manufacturers and has entered the rapid mass production development channel. On the one hand, application manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have expanded their Mini LED backlight product lines, and TV manufacturers such as TCL, LG, Konka and others have intensively released high-end Mini LED backlight TVs. On the other hand, active light-emitting Mini LED panels have also entered the mass production stage.

In the field of automotive lighting and automotive display, Professor Liu Bin from the School of Electronic Science and Engineering of Nanjing University told the "China Electronics News" reporter that compared to ordinary car bulbs, LED car lights consume only 1/10 of its power, which is better Energy saving, and protect the car circuit from being burnt out by excessive load current. As the demand for car interior information display continues to grow, display terminals based on new technologies such as Mini/Micro LED will gradually replace the car’s internal central control display, head-up display (HUD), and control entertainment systems, greatly improving people and cars, Information interaction capabilities of the highway environment. Ruan Jun said that LED car lights replace traditional halogen lamps and xenon lamps, which not only save energy and improve the response speed of car lights, but also give car lights more design flexibility. "Especially with the increase in the share of new energy vehicles and the development of unmanned driving technology in the future, LEDs have a broad application space in automotive interior and exterior lighting." Ruan Jun said. According to data from CCID Think Tank, the growth of the automotive LED market in 2021 is expected to exceed 10%.

In the field of landscape lighting, LED floodlights have replaced the original halogen lamps, and LED linear lamps have replaced fluorescent tubes, realizing energy saving. "But in this field, LED's more significant contribution lies in improving the design level of landscape lighting, enriching the application fields of landscape lighting, and providing more possibilities for the integrated development of night economy, cultural tourism and lighting." Ruan Jun Express.

Duan Ruifei also expressed his recognition of the application of LEDs in other fields, but he also said: "More landscape lighting and more display applications will increase power consumption, which will force energy companies to adopt new technologies, such as solar + the perfect combination of power storage + LED. The progress of LED as the application side will gradually drive the progress of the entire system, including the progress of the energy side."

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